Our dishes

All our french dishes are freshly prepared on order. Simply reheat them in a casserole or in the microwave before eating! Minimum order: 200g.

French dishes:

our dishes
Fish Papillote

– Poultry blanquette: $ 1.60 / 100g

Chicken, mushrooms, carrots, shallots, cooked in a creamy broth.

– Basque chicken: $ 1.60 / 100g

Chicken, onions, tomatoes, peppers, white wine, cooked in a tasty broth.

– Pork tenderloin in cocotte: $ 1.60 / 100g

Pork filet cooked in baked tomatoes at low temperature

– Osso bucco: $ 3.00 / 100g

Veal, onions, tomatoes, carrots, celery, white wine, cooked in a tasty broth.

– Lamb shank coco beans: $ 3.00 / 100g

Lamb shank cooked in its juice with coco beans.

– Fish Papillote: $ 4.00  per piece

River fish, vegetables “julienne”, lemongrass cream, and candied tomatoes disposited in cooking paper (delivered pre-cooked)

Our dishes can be stored up to 3 days in the refrigerator after delivery.