Our starters

Our starters are ideal to complete your meals. Our salads can also be a great choice for your cold buffets or to accompany your barbecues. You can also enjoy our salads as a complete meal, for that, plan between 160 to 250 grams for one person. The minimum quantity you can order is of 200g.

Starters selection:

– Chicken tabbouleh: $ 1.30 /100 g

Semolina cooked in a flavoured juice, chicken, pepper, cucumber and  minth.

For vegetarians: same composition without chicken.

– Potatoes salad: $ 1.30 /100 g

Tuna or ham, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, homemade mayonnaise.

– Lentils salad: $ 1.50 /100g

Green lentils, carotts, bacon, shallots, mustard sauce.

– Pasta salad: $ 1.80 /100g

Pasta with candied  vegetables, feta cheese and basilic sauce.

– Cocktail salad: $ 2.00 /100g

Crab, shrimps, vegetable, pineapple, cocktail sauce.

Our starters can be stored for 3 days in the refrigerator.