Sweet salted canapes pastries

On this page you will find our range of sweet salted canapes pastries that will delight your taste buds in all circumstances. We ensure the preparation and delivery of our sweet canape pastries in Siem Reap from 12 pieces purchased of 3 different tastes. We advise you to make an order 48 hours in advance.

For a successful cocktail, remember to combine these small savories with our salted delicacies. Result guaranteed!

Our products:

Bordeaux's cannelé, 0.40$

Crunchy-soft cake flavoured with brown rum and bourbon vanilla.

Soft chocolate cake 0,60$ / + ganache and almonds 0,75$

Soft chocolate cake decorated with a soft chocolate ganache and sliced almonds, 75% cocoa.

Financiers 0,75$

Soft cake made with almon powder.
Tastes : almond / pistachio / hazelnuts

Cream choux pastry 0,75$

Pastry choux filled with cream.
Tastes : Vanilla / chocolate / coffee

Tartlets 0,75$

Soft ganache tendre on a palet Breton
Tastes : lemon / passion fruit / chocolate / apple (roasted apple piece)

Macarons 0,75$

French soft specialty made with almonds and ganache.
Parfums : Lemon / lemon-kaffir leaves / passion fruit / coconut / rasperry / vanilla / chocolate / chocolate-caramel / pistachio / coffee

Our sweet compositions:

Chocolate party (24 pieces, 6 of each), 17$

Chocolate macaroons / Chocolate little choux / chocolate little pie / Little soft chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and almonds.

Fruits party (24 pieces, 6 of each), 17$

Lemon macaroons / Passion fruit macaroons / Passion fruit little pie / Apple little pie.

French style party (24 pieces, 6 of each), 15$

One macaroon of your choice / One little choux of your choice / One financier of your choice / Bordeaux's cannelés.

Parisian night (48 pieces, 4 of each), 33$

12 different pieces of your choice from our menu.